About Lawbamba

Lawbamba addresses the immediate need of highest level of transparency between Lawyers/ Law firms and potential consumers. Law firms recruit clients by presenting themselves online in two distinctive ways to capture two core groups of people:
For counsel-seekers, law firms have created topic-specific web presences to discuss why that particular firm is best suited for representing their clients, often touting large settlements. Visitors are encouraged to fill out a form with personal information to see if they are qualified to file a case or potentially join a class action lawsuit.
Information-seekers, a much larger group, are courted with offers of information and support gateways. These sites use a variety of tactics to encourage readers to enter their personal information. And while nearly all of the sites created by a law firm disclose their association with a firm, the disclosure comes with varying degrees of visibility and transparency.
Firms will often create separate online presences to capture both counsel-seekers and information-seekers. The prime objective of Lawbamba is to convert a Information-seeker to a potential Counsel-seeker.